Helping Literacy in Detroit

93% of children in Detroit public schools are unable to read at grade-level

We are living in an era of change: Detroit is a phoenix, rising from the ashes, and slowly returning to the thriving city it once was. Through contemporary restaurants, a new sports arena, and many people moving back into town, a shadow has been cast on one very important aspect of the city: it’s original residents.

Children growing up in Detroit are still growing up in poverty. They aren’t offered the same resources as other children, and their grades and futures are affected by that.

We, at Beyond Brunch Detroit, not only want to make a difference in the lives of new professionals, but we want to help make the dream of a full-time career possible for every young child. That’s why we’re teaming up with Beyond Basics, a “student-centered, literacy non-profit” which aims to “bring students to literacy by providing reading, tutoring, and supplemental programs…throughout the school day for students in grades Pre-K through 12”.

Since March is reading month, we wanted to launch a book drive and collect books by our event on March 25th. Currently, Beyond Basics is in need of children’s books for K-5th grade students (6-11 years old).

If you would like to donate books, you may either bring them to our event on Saturday or email us at so that we may pick the books up. For every book you donate, you’ll get an entry into a drawing to win the book “You Are a Badass” by Jen Sincero, a New York Times’ Best Seller, and a $10 Starbucks gift card.


Thank you for your generosity and commitment to reaching literacy in Detroit. Not only are you helping change the lives of children in Detroit, but you’re helping to create a better future for our city. As advocates for equality and equal opportunities, we appreciate your enthusiasm and dedication to inspiring change.

Best Detroit Coffee Shops

How often do you find yourself wandering around looking for a cool, new place to get your caffeine fix?

If you’re anything like us, it’s pretty often! Thanks to Daily Detroit, we now have 10 new coffee shops on our bucket list of places to visit. Take a look below, and then hop on over to the closest one!

  1. Roasting Plant – 660 Woodward Avenue, Detroit
  2. Dessert Oasis – 1220 Griswold, Detroit
  3. Urban Bean – 200 Grand River, Detroit
  4. Ashe Supply – 1555 Broadway, Detroit
  5. Will Leather Goods coffee shop – 4120 Second Avenue, Detroit
  6. Café 1923 – 2287 Holbrook, Hamtramck
  7. Motor City Java House – 17336 Lahser Road, Detroit
  8. Astro Coffee – 2124 Michigan, Detroit
  9. Café Con Leche – 2990 West Grand Boulevard, Detroit
  10. Great Lakes Coffee – 3965 Woodward Avenue, Detroit

Create Your Board of Mentors

Having a mentor to look up to and give you direction in your career is a vital part of being a new professional.

But – what would happen if you had multiple mentors to look to for advice? According to Harvard Business Review, connecting with peers and mentors is more beneficial to your career than having just one mentor.

The chief distinction between finding “a mentor” and creating “a mentor board of directors” is that there is less pressure to find one person who represents your ideal future self. You can diversify your search criteria and learn from a variety of people. This also allows you to look beyond the classic notion of a mentor as someone who is older and wiser than you.

Why not start building your own personal board of mentors by joining Beyond Brunch Detroit? Sign up for our newsletter and keep an eye on our social media to register for our next brunch event!

Madam C.E.O., Get Me a Coffee

When you’re new to a position, especially an entry-level one, you want to assist your team as much as possible. You take on things that may seem like menial tasks because you want to show your dedication and work ethic. As a newer employee, and a young one, taking these initiatives is a stand-out quality.

What happens, though, as you get older? What about when you’re more senior-level than everyone around you? Does taking on these same mundane tasks help you? The New York Times wrote an article on women who, despite deserving just as much respect as their male counterparts, end up doing the “office housework” and being held back.

This is the sad reality in workplaces around the world: Women help more but benefit less from it.

It’s a problem that still occurs in offices today, but there are ways to combat it. Just being aware of the inequalities is a good first step – followed by encouraging others around you to get involved. Read the article, and share your thoughts in the comments below!

Women’s Equality Day

Happy Women’s Equality Day to all of our Beyond Brunch Detroit readers! This day is just one of the many reasons we started this organization – to create equal rights and opportunities for millennial women and their futures.

Not only is this day important for women, but it’s important for our country as a whole. As women continue to close the pay gap, break through glass ceilings, and become the leaders they are destined to be, the country will continue to benefit and prosper.

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