Best Detroit Coffee Shops

How often do you find yourself wandering around looking for a cool, new place to get your caffeine fix?

If you’re anything like us, it’s pretty often! Thanks to Daily Detroit, we now have 10 new coffee shops on our bucket list of places to visit. Take a look below, and then hop on over to the closest one!

  1. Roasting Plant – 660 Woodward Avenue, Detroit
  2. Dessert Oasis – 1220 Griswold, Detroit
  3. Urban Bean – 200 Grand River, Detroit
  4. Ashe Supply – 1555 Broadway, Detroit
  5. Will Leather Goods coffee shop – 4120 Second Avenue, Detroit
  6. Café 1923 – 2287 Holbrook, Hamtramck
  7. Motor City Java House – 17336 Lahser Road, Detroit
  8. Astro Coffee – 2124 Michigan, Detroit
  9. Café Con Leche – 2990 West Grand Boulevard, Detroit
  10. Great Lakes Coffee – 3965 Woodward Avenue, Detroit

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