How to Balance Being a New Leader at a New Company

Have you ever been in a position where you have to not only lead a team, but also learn about your new company, all at the same time?

Well, thanks to Paul Larue at Lead Change Group, there’s a 30-60-90 day plan laid out for you to better organize yourself in your new leadership position! 

First 30 Days – Focus On People & Culture

During this time you should make every effort to connect with as many people in your company as you can. At the same time, immerse yourself into the company culture: values, mission, goals, and current (if any) strategic plans. You want to find out who your people are, what strengths they bring to the team, and how aligned they are with the company culture. At the same time, you will be promoting the culture and re-establishing everyone’s belief in the organization and where it’s headed. Getting everyone connected to yourself, and more importantly to the greater vision and mission is the primary objective in the first 30 days.

Next 30 Days (30-60) – Build The Brand

As you are laying the foundation of culture among your people, you’ll be seeing how things operate and looking for ways to execute flawlessly. Brands are built internally first, by insuring the business model and daily operations support the culture and effectively serve your clients and customers. Take this time to really focus on training, procedural simplification, process improvement, and other efficiencies that will make your brand more consistent and reliable. The best marketing campaign for any company is wasted money if the service cannot be relied upon.

Final Stretch (60-90 Days) – Profitable Or Sustainable Growth

Now is the time to plan marketing, strategic growth and revenue opportunities. By this time you have started a trajectory that will enable you to capitalize on the work done thus far. Now you can confidently say your products are better than the competition because of the attention to quality. You can promote best-in-class service because your people are engaged. And you can find new methods to increase top-line revenue and control your costs that will allow the organization to fund new initiatives, hire more people, and impact more customers.

You can find even more tips and suggestions by reading the rest of the article!


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